Population Liaoning, China [Manchu]

The population Liaoning, China [Manchu] belongs to Metapopulation Eurasian - Altaic and Continent Asia. It is part of the National Database China.
Minimal PowerPlex Y Yfiler PowerPlex Y23 Yfiler Plus Maximal Y-SNP
760 Haplotypes 760 Haplotypes 760 Haplotypes 328 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes
  • Meisen Shi, Shaoqing Wen contributed 201 Haplotypes on December 17, 2009 (for reference see Bai R., Liu Y., Lv X., Shi M., Ma S. (2016), 'Genetic polymorphisms of 17 Y chromosomal STRs in She and Manchu ethnic populations from China.', Forensic Sci Int Genet 22, e12-4 [Pubmed] [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA003590
  • Xianhua Jiang, Fei Guo contributed 231 Haplotypes on August 23, 2012 (for reference see He J., Guo F. (2013), 'Population genetics of 17 Y-STR loci in Chinese Manchu population from Liaoning Province, Northeast China.', Forensic Sci Int Genet 7(3), e84-5 [Pubmed] [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA003757
  • Xing Jiaxin contributed 328 Haplotypes on November 30, 2015 (for reference see Adnan A., Kasim K., Rakha A., Noor A., Sabir A., Hadi S., Xing J. (2019), 'Population data of 23 Y STRs from Manchu population of Liaoning Province, Northeast China', Int J Legal Med 133(3), 785-8 [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA004137
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