Population Gansu, China [Dongxiang]

The population Gansu, China [Dongxiang] belongs to Metapopulation Eurasian - Altaic and Continent Asia. It is part of the National Database China.
Minimal PowerPlex Y Yfiler PowerPlex Y23 Yfiler Plus Maximal Y-SNP
555 Haplotypes 555 Haplotypes 555 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 447 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes
  • Rukesh Shresta, Chuan-Chao Wang contributed 108 Haplotypes on June 10, 2014 (for reference see Yao HB., Wang CC., Tao X., Shang L., Wen SQ., Zhu B., Kang L., Jin L., Li H. (2016), 'Genetic evidence for an East Asian origin of Chinese Muslim populations Dongxiang and Hui.', Scientific Reports 6, 38656 [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA003978
  • Meisen Shi, Shaoqing Wen contributed 447 Haplotypes on May 30, 2016 (for reference see Wang J., Wen S., Shi M., Liu Y., Zhang J., Li H., Bai R. (2018), 'Haplotype structure of 27 Yfiler®Plus loci in Chinese Dongxiang ethnic group and its genetic relationships with other populations', Forensic Science International Genetics 33, e13-16 [Link] [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA004178
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