Population Yunnan, China [Hani]

The population Yunnan, China [Hani] belongs to Metapopulation East Asian - Sino-Tibetan - Tibeto-Burman and Continent Asia. It is part of the National Database China.
Minimal PowerPlex Y Yfiler PowerPlex Y23 Yfiler Plus Maximal Y-SNP
250 Haplotypes 250 Haplotypes 250 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes
  • Nie Shengjie contributed 250 Haplotypes on June 2, 2016 (for reference see Hu L., Gu T., Fan X., Yuan X., Rao M., Bo J., Nie A., Du L., Zhang X., Nie S. (2017), 'Genetic polymorphisms of 24 Y-STR loci in Hani ethnic minority from Yunnan Province, Southwest China', Int J Legal Med 131(5), 1235-7 [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA004180
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