Population Jharkhand, India [Indian]

The population Jharkhand, India [Indian] belongs to Metapopulation Eurasian - Indian and Continent Asia. It is part of the National Database India.
Minimal PowerPlex Y Yfiler PowerPlex Y23 Yfiler Plus Maximal Y-SNP
133 Haplotypes 133 Haplotypes 133 Haplotypes 31 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes
  • Shrivastava P, Imam J, Reyaz R, Singh RS, Bapuly AK contributed 102 Haplotypes on March 15, 2017 (for reference see Imam J., Reyaz R., Shankar R., Kumar A., Shrivastava P. (2018), 'Genomic portrait of population of Jharkhand, India, drawn with 15 autosomal STRs and 17 Y-STRs', Int J Legal Med 132(1), 139-40 [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA004245
  • Madhusudan Reddy Nandineni contributed 31 Haplotypes on March 23, 2018 (for reference see Singh M., Sarkar A., Madhusudan R. (2018), 'A comprehensive portrait of Y-STR diversity of Indian populations and comparison with 129 worldwide populations', Scientific Reports 8(1), 15421 [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA004337
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