Population Henan, China [Hui]

The population Henan, China [Hui] belongs to Metapopulation East Asian - Sino-Tibetan - Chinese (Han) and Continent Asia. It is part of the National Database China.
Minimal PowerPlex Y Yfiler PowerPlex Y23 Yfiler Plus Maximal Y-SNP
1138 Haplotypes 1138 Haplotypes 1137 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 1136 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 67 Haplotypes
  • Yiping Hou contributed 67 Haplotypes on November 14, 2018 (for reference see Xie M., Song F., Li J., Lang M., Luo H., Wang Z., Wu J., Li C., Tian C., Wang W., Ma H., Song Z., Fan Y., Hou Y. (2019), 'Genetic substructure and forensic characteristics of Chinese Hui populations using 157 Y-SNPs and 27 Y-STRs', For Sci Int Genet 41, 11-18 [DOI] ) Filed under accession number YA004528
  • Meisen Shi contributed 1071 Haplotypes on November 23, 2018 Filed under accession number YA004536
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