Quality Control Exercise

If you wish to submit population data to the YHRD, we request an actual certificate of a forensic testing program which includes Y-STRs. Among others we accept the testing programs provided by the following organizations: GEDNAP, GHEP-ISFG, GITAD or CTS. Only in exceptional cases blinded QC samples can be requested from our lab.

1. Apply

To apply for the quality control exercise please send an email to Lutz Roewer () including your full postal mail address, your contact details (email, phone etc.) and the population study your are working on. Please also check your countries laws, legal issues and customs declarations necessary to receive biological material (DNA) and send us instructions if there are special regulations. Please also explain why you are not able to participate in one of the major forensic testing programs.

2. Sending/Receiving Samples

We’ll send five blind samples to your provided postal mail address via standard international mail. Please take care of customs and/or legal issues by your own. We are not responsible for any legal issues.

We’ll send you an email as soon as the samples are shipped. We use regular mail and no tracking number is available. Please note, that we send the QC samples only once to each laboratory.

3. Analysis

Please analyze the received blind samples with the same protocol as your population study.

4. Sending Results

Please send your results as follows: a) all EPGs in PDF format, b) a table with your results summarized and c) all lab information (kit used, machine, chemistry etc.) as a text file.

5. Concordance Test

We’ll check your results to comply with the reference results. If there are any discrepancies, we’ll discuss those with you individually.

6. Certification

If your results are in full concordance with the reference results, we’ll send you an certificate. You are then free to send us your population data for inclusion in the YHRD.

* See FAQ/Glossary (http://yhrd.org/pages/faq) for further explanations of abbreviated terms used here