Contribution with the Accession Number YA004250

Rene J. Herrera, Tenzin Gayden contributed 140 Haplotypes on April 8, 2017 to the population Thailand [Thai] (for reference see Li L., Xu Y., Luis JR., Alfonso Sanchez MA., Zeng Z., Garcia Bertrand R., Herrera RJ. (2019), 'Cebú, Thailand and Taiwanese aboriginal populations according to Y-STR loci', Gene 1, 100001 [DOI] ) .
Submission accession number State Accepted at Release Insertion method Minimal Haplotypes PowerPlex Y Haplotypes Yfiler Haplotypes PowerPlex Y23 Haplotypes Yfiler Plus Haplotypes Maximal Haplotypes Y-SNP Haplotypes
YA004250-1 active submission Tue, 11 Apr 2017 09:52:06 +0200 54 new 140 140 140 0 140 0 0
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