Y-STR Mixture Calculation

Calculate the likelihood ratio of donorship of a given suspect versus non-donorship. The calculation requires a column named "Role" in your input file and consists of the following rows (specified at the "Role" column):
A trace (all given markers will be used for calculation)
The profile of the suspect (or accused or defendant, or the profiles of the suspects if multiple)
Known Contributor
The profiles of additional known contributors (optional)
The only thing to enter after uploading your file is the number of unknown contributors.

— or —

If you don't know how to export your samples using Applied Biosystems® GeneMapper® ID/ID-X please read our instructions.

If you don't know how to set up an Excel-, OpenOffice- or CSV-spreadsheet for Y-STR mixture calculation, please see our example or read our instructions.

In either case, please consider checking your file before you are going to use it here.

Please see Wolf et al. 2005 [PubMed] [DOI] for further datails on the method used here.

* See FAQ/Glossary (http://yhrd.org/pages/faq) for further explanations of abbreviated terms used here