What are “Projects” at YHRD?

“Projects” are scientific studies to be performed (a) based on data administered by the YHRD or (b) with the help of YHRD contributors.

(a) To respect the intellectual ownership of the data by the authors, we decided to deny unregulated access to the original submissions. When a project depends on data beyond their own data and the tools or software needed is not implemented by the YHRD, the project team needs to promote their necessity to access specific YHRD sample sets. We will review the project description and decide on the levels of (1) innovation, (2) scientific value and (3) relevance of the requested data. After negotiation with the project team we may post an project description at the YHRD and ask the concerned contributors to object in the case they don’t permit the project team to use their data. The project team will provide access to the requested data except to those objected within a 30 day period. Data access is only granted and permitted during the process of the proposed project. Any other use is prohibited. After closure of the project, irrespective if successful or not, the results and/or outcome is to be published on the YHRD projects page. In case of a successful project a reference to a publication may be sufficient.

(b) When trying to perform a project where specific help of the Y-chromosome typing forensic community is needed, we may post a project call of contribution within a specific time frame. To encourage scientists to continue to collaborate or contribute to such calls, we suggest to share the results and/or outcome with the community. As in (a) a reference to a publication may be sufficient.

Please sent your project proposal to Sascha Willuweit () or Lutz Roewer ().

* See FAQ/Glossary (http://yhrd.org/pages/faq) for further explanations of abbreviated terms used here