Y-STR Kinship-Index Calculation

Calculate the likelihood ratio of patrilineal releationship versus non-releationship of male pairs given their Y-STR profiles. The calculation takes

  • The profile of the ancestor ("upstream" male relative)
  • The profile of the descendant ("downstream" male relative)
  • The number of generations between the male relatives

Please see Buckleton JS., Triggs CM., Walsh SJ. (2005), Forensic DNA evidence interpretation, 1st ed., CRC press and Rolf B., Keil W., Brinkmann B., Roewer L., Fimmers R. (2001), 'Paternity testing using Y-STR haplotypes: assigning a probability for paternity in cases of mutations.', Int J Legal Med 115(1), 12-5 [Pubmed] for further details on the method used here.

Limitation of this method

  • Only one-step allele differences are considered
  • The relation between exactly two persons (ancestor and descendant) is calculated

— or —

If you don't know how to export your samples using Applied Biosystems® GeneMapper® ID/ID-X please read our instructions.

If you don't know how to set up an Excel-, OpenOffice- or CSV-spreadsheet for Kinship-Index calculation, please see our example or read our instructions.

In either case, please consider checking your file before you are going to use it here.

* See FAQ/Glossary (http://yhrd.org/pages/faq) for further explanations of abbreviated terms used here