List of Y-SNPs not suitable for inclusion in the YHRD

We list here all Y-SNP markers that are not suitable for inclusion in the YHRD. Please don’t submit analysis results for those markers or type additional markers to support your findings.

  • P25 - Invalid Recurrent within R1b. Samples with P25 as the final marker will be dropped. Downstream (e.g. M269 or M167) and/or the upstream marker (M343) need to be typed instead. See Adams et al. 2006 [PubMed] [DOI]
  • P41, P37, L202, and L203 - Invalid Recurrent marker with several states. This marker is completely dropped when submitted. Downstream and/or the upstream markers need to be typed instead. See Niederstätter et al. 2013 [PubMed] [DOI]

Recurrent markes with a stable/reliable branch assignment should be named according to their branch e.g. marker P203 is defining O1 with P203@O1 whereas P203 is defining I1 with P203@I1. Older recurrent markers got a trailing “.1” or “.2” like SRY1532.

List of all recurrent markers currently stored in the YHRD:

  • L222@E1b1a is defining E1b1a
  • P189@E1b1a is defining E1b1a-M2
  • P203@I1 is defining I1
  • SRY1532.2 is defining R1a-M448
  • SRY10831.2 is defining R1a-M448
  • P203@O1 is defining O1-P203
* See FAQ/Glossary ( for further explanations of abbreviated terms used here