Contribution with the Accession Number YA004552

Atif Adnan contributed 879 Haplotypes on February 4, 2019 to the population Dalian, China [Han] (for reference see Adnan A., Kasimu K., Rakha A., He G., Yang T., C C W., Lu J., J F X. (2020), 'Comprehensive genetic structure analysis of Han population from Dalian City revealed by 20 Y-STRs', Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine 00, e1149 [DOI] ) .
Submission accession number State Accepted at Release Insertion method Minimal Haplotypes PowerPlex Y Haplotypes Yfiler Haplotypes PowerPlex Y23 Haplotypes Yfiler Plus Haplotypes Maximal Haplotypes Y-SNP Haplotypes
YA004552-1 active submission Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:21:47 +0100 61 new 879 879 879 0 0 0 0
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