Contributor Dorota Marta Monies (YC000062)

The contributor can be reached at
Zaklad Medycyny Sadowej AM w Lublinie
ul. Jaczewskiego 8
20-090 Lublin
  • The contributor has successfully passed the Quality Control Exercise.
  • Dorota Marta Monies contributed 246 Haplotypes on July 3, 2008 to the population Lublin, Poland [Polish] (for reference see Ploski R., Wozniak M., Pawlowski R., Monies DM., Branicki W., Kupiec T., Kloosterman A., Dobosz T., Bosch E., Nowak M., Lessig R., Jobling MA., Roewer L., Kayser M. (2002), 'Homogeneity and distinctiveness of Polish paternal lineages revealed by Y chromosome microsatellite haplotype analysis.', Hum Genet 110(6), 592-600 [Pubmed] [DOI] ) .
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