Y-SNP Branch Information on D1

The Y-SNP branch D1 is defined by M15. Additionaly, all downstream markers N1 are defining this branch as well. For further information on a marker, please see marker details at Phylotree Y or consult the Y-SNP tree there.

Please note, that colours on the map only reflect a haplogroup distribution from the SNP-typed samples which were submitted to the YHRD.

Y-SNP marker Haplogroup Minimal Y12 Y17 Y23 Y27 Ymax
M15 D1 16 Haplotypes 16 Haplotypes 16 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes 7 Haplotypes 0 Haplotypes
N1 D1-N1 147 Haplotypes 147 Haplotypes 147 Haplotypes 13 Haplotypes 96 Haplotypes 13 Haplotypes
(Overall) 163 Haplotypes 163 Haplotypes 163 Haplotypes 13 Haplotypes 103 Haplotypes 13 Haplotypes
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