Contribution with the Accession Number YA004510

Luz Angela Alonso Morales, William Usaquén Martínez, Andrea Casas-Vargas, Madelyn Rojas Castro, Rafael Resque, Ândrea Ribeiro dos Santos, Sidney Santos and Leonor Gusmão contributed 83 Haplotypes on September 25, 2018: National Database Colombia, Metapopulation Admixed (for reference see Morales LAA., Casas-Vargas A., Castro MR., Resque R., Ribeiro-dos-Santos AK., Santos S., Gusmão L. and Usaque´n W. (2018), 'Paternal portrait of populations of the middle Magdalena River region (Tolima and Huila, Colombia): New insights on the peopling of Central America and northernmost South America', PLoS ONE 13(11):e0207130 [DOI])

The submitter confirmed the legal permission to submit this data to YHRD and to comply with good scientific practice (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft 2019 [Link] [DOI]). Please see the publication above for more information on the sample collection (e.g. ethical principles, informed consent and privacy).

Submission accession number State Accepted at Release Insertion method Minimal Haplotypes Y12 Haplotypes Y17 Haplotypes Y23 Haplotypes Y27 Haplotypes Ymax Haplotypes Y-SNP Haplotypes
YA004510-1 active submission September 25, 2018 59 new 83 83 83 0 0 0 0
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