Release 57

We are proud to announce the latest release of the YHRD: Release R57. More than 9000 YFiler were added to the database and thus summing up to 216,562 minimal and 165,261 YFiler haplotypes worldwide. Please see our Release History for further information on particular submissions.

Additionally an important update on the Discrete Laplace frequency estimation method is part of this release: We have re-calculated the best number of haplotype centers for each Metapopulation. This was not done since release R55, because it takes roughly 3 months on a 16-node cluster and therefore cannot be performed on a regular basis. Please see Discrete Laplace specification of appropriate Metapopulations at the Calculation Summary page.

A minor update on the Kinship Tool has been implemented. Please see the revised and corrected formula used at the YHRD.

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