Contribution with the Accession Number YA003675

Laura Valverde Potes contributed 8 Haplotypes on December 29, 2010 to the population California, United States [Basque] (for reference see Valverde L., Rosique M., Köhnemann S., Cardoso S., García A., Odriozola A., Aznar JM., Celorrio D., Schuerenkamp M., Zubizarreta J., Davis MC., Hampikian G., Pfeiffer H., Pancorbo D. (2012), 'Y-STR variation in the Basque diaspora in the Western USA: evolutionary and forensic perspectives.', Int J Legal Med 126(2), 293-8 [Pubmed] [DOI] ) .
Submission accession number State Accepted at Release Insertion method Minimal Haplotypes PowerPlex Y Haplotypes Yfiler Haplotypes PowerPlex Y23 Haplotypes Yfiler Plus Haplotypes Maximal Haplotypes Y-SNP Haplotypes
YA003675-1 active submission Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:22:35 +0200 51 new 8 8 8 0 0 0 8
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