Contributor Yuxiang Zhou and Jianhui Xie (YC000326)

The contributor can be reached at
Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
138 Yixueyuan Road
P.R. China
  • The contributor has successfully passed the Quality Control Exercise on May 31, 2013 (MOE Key Laboratory of Contemporary Anthropology, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai, China).
  • Yuxiang Zhou and Jianhui Xie contributed 843 Haplotypes on June 6, 2017: National Database China, Metapopulation East Asian - Sino-Tibetan - Chinese (Han) (for reference see Zhou Y., Shao C., Li L., Zhang Y., Liu B., Yang Q., Tang Q., Li S. and Xi J. (2018), 'Genetic analysis of 29 Y-STR loci in the Chinese Han population from Shanghai', Forensic Science International Genetics 32:e1-e4 [Link] [DOI] )
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