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YHRD Successfully Migrates to New Servers, Activates Mixture Tool, and Resolves DL Frequency Estimation Issues

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve completed the migration to new servers at YHRD! This upgrade has not only boosted our performance and security but also enabled us to reactivate our Mixture Tool for analyzing mixed Y-STR samples more effectively.

Furthermore, we’ve resolved issues with DL frequency estimations, ensuring the accuracy of Y-STR hapotype frequency estimations.

With cutting-edge technology and fortified protection against cyber threats, our new servers are poised to drive further breakthroughs in genetic research and forensic science.

Stay tuned for more information at YHRD!

(posted 4 months ago)


Mixture Tool & AMOVA offline

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer these tools due to a technical error. We hope to be able to restore this functionality in the next few weeks.

(posted 5 months ago)


New YHRD project P5

A new project on the definition of metapopulations entirely based on genetic data has been proposed.

(posted about 1 year ago)


YHRD Release 69

Release R69 is now online.

(posted about 1 year ago)


12th Haploid Markers Conference (HM2023) – Program

The program for the HM2023 Conference (17-20 May, 2023 in Budapest) is now online. Please visit for more information.

(posted over 1 year ago)

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