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Release 54

Today we added more than 4,500 haplotypes from diverse destinations as Hiva Oa in French Polynesia, Zabol in Iran or Bodrogköz in Hungary. The database has now 188,209 haplotypes from 1,099 different populations in 132 countries. For details see the release history.

(posted over 3 years ago)


Bug-Fix Kinship Tool

We’ve fixed an error in determination of the haplotype frequency in Kinship tool. Unter certain circumstances an actual observed haplotype was treated as not-observed and therefore estimated with a frequency of 1/N+1.

(posted almost 4 years ago)


Release 53

Thanks to all contributors who expanded the database to nearly 184,000 haplotypes from 1,082 populations. For details see the release history.

(posted almost 4 years ago)


Mutation rates

Updated mutation rates available for DYS576, DYS481, DYS549, DYS533, DYS570, DYS643.

(posted about 4 years ago)


Major YHRD Release 52

We’ve been working on Release 52 for about 10 months. It’s the biggest release we’ve ever done. We uploaded or updated almost 20,000 haplotypes and 1000 Y-SNPs. But the major changes are beneath of what you see at YHRD: We’ve redesigned and extended the whole submission process. All submissions which belong to a contribution (catalogued by an YHRD accession nr.) are now listed in a chronological way thus reflecting the continuous updating process of a population study.

For example the population sample Madhya Pradesh, India (Bhil) consists of one contribution YA004144 by Pankaj Shrivastava, Toshi Jain, Kuldeep Kujur and Veena Ben Trivedi. This contribution was updated recently in release 52 from 188 to 217 haplotypes.

Some other under-the-hood technical improvements:

For database updates see release history.

(posted about 4 years ago)

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