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Implementational change to YHRD search

As of YHRD release R67, we have changed the way searches are performed. We are glad to introduce a new search option at YHRD: a selectable “Kit”. Please read about the new searches here.

Illustration of YHRD Search Option in R67
(posted over 2 years ago)


Convenient collection of Population Studies

At each National Database or Metapopulation summary, all population studies being used to assemble the collection are listed for your convenience.

(posted over 2 years ago)


Removal of YHRD uncommonly used search features

In order to further reduce the complexity of YHRD (and thus make it easier to maintain), we have decided to remove some uncommonly used features of the YHRD search: ancestry information (minimal), ancestry information (Yfiler) and ancestry information (1-step neighbors).

(posted over 2 years ago)


Moved from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap

As Google Maps does not comply with our understanding of privacy protection, we have moved from Google Maps to leaflet.js using OpenStreetMap map data. Please make yourself familiar with those new maps e.g. at Western-European Metapopulation or Y-SNP M231 defining Haplogroup N.

(posted over 2 years ago)


AMOVA removed

Due to the decreasing use and the increasing maintenance work, we decided to remove the tool AMOVA from the public area of YHRD. If you need to use AMOVA, please contact us or use other software for population genetic data analysis (e.g. ARLEQUIN).

(posted over 2 years ago)

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