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X. Y-User Workshop (Haploid Markers 2016) in Berlin

The jubilee workshop is history. With 220 participants from 43 countries it was again a very international meeting. 78 papers were presented which cover a broad spectrum of topics from palindromes to telomeres, from population to archaological studies, from haplotypes to haplogroups, from deep-rooting pedigrees to recent population differentiation, from court cases to cold cases, from familial search to surname prediction, from Bayes to King Albert I, from A00 to DF27 (see Programme). We thank the organisers of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Berlin (Lutz Roewer, Marion Nagy, Sascha Willuweit and their team), the Institute of Legal Medicine in Innbruck (Walther Parson), our sponsors (Illumina, Promega, Qiagen, Thermo Fisher Scientific), the presenters and all who came to Berlin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this workshop series with us. See you in 2018.

(posted about 6 years ago)


Updated Y-SNP tree

We just updated the Y-SNP tree according to Phylotree Y. Please check the phylotree website for relevant updates of the tree.

(posted about 6 years ago)



Please read the instructions how to initiate a research project. Access to data and objection against data release is now regulated.

(posted about 6 years ago)


New feature: Projects

Please note that we have opened a new YHRD section called “projects”. Herewith we want to encourage colleagues of the YHRD network to contribute to scientific endeavors outlined here. Large collaborative projects - as the PPY23 or the RM-YSTR study both with more than 100 coauthors - proved that this is an efficient way to cooperate and achieve meaningful results.

(posted over 6 years ago)


AMOVA Tool bug fix

We fixed a bug in our AMOVA Tool that prevented a successful calculation of FST values. RST calculation was not affected.

(posted over 6 years ago)

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