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All new YHRD

This is a huge update of the underlying software. Most noticeable we updated the whole file processing libraries. We’ve added sophisticated checks to validate/approve your files and advising you to fix/improve them: Welcome our Data File Validator! If you want to know how to created or export an input file on your own, we have instructions for each task: export from GeneMapper, create spreadsheet files for search, create spreadsheet files for kinship calculation, create spreadsheet files for mixture calculation and create spreadsheet files for AMOVA & MDS calculation.

Furthermore we added some pages to illustrate the structure even more: More information on metapopulations.

Finally we had to apply a lot of TLS/SSL security fixes to protect your privacy. Just to name some: LogJam, FREAK, POODLE, BREACH, CRIME, again POOLDE and of course Heartbleed. If you are brave enough, go checkout our security report/test at Qualys Inc. SSL Labs.

(posted over 5 years ago)


YHRD Downtime

We appologize for the unintended downtime of the YHRD. Some system updates crashed the server and we had no physical access until this morning…

(posted almost 6 years ago)


Release 49

At Feb 18, 2015 we’ve launched release 49 of the YHRD with 6.860 additional STR profiles of which more than 2.200 include Y-SNP information. The database has now 143.044 minimal, 103.733 Powerplex Y12, 91.231 Yfiler, 25.499 Powerplex Y23 and 2.071 YfilerPlus profiles. 17.052 haplotypes have a haplogroup designation. There is also a new feature presenting spatial haplogroup distributions (by clicking on the haplogroup of interest) derived from the databased samples, which is however still much biased due to the geographically extremely uneven distribution of sampled chromosomes. For a full changelog see “Release History”.

(posted almost 6 years ago)


Release 48

At Nov 10, 2014 we launched release 48 of the YHRD with 3.886 new STR profiles. The database is now comprised of 136.184 haplotypes. 15.277 of these are extended by Y-SNPs and assigned to haplogroups according to the recently published minimal phylogenetic tree. Altogether 917 populations in 127 countries are represented. The largest databases: China, USA, Germany, Brazil and Poland, each with more than 7.000 haplotypes.

(posted about 6 years ago)


Added Mutation Rates and Locus Information

Mutation Rates and Locus Information are back again.

(posted over 6 years ago)

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