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Please read the instructions how to initiate a research project. Access to data and objection against data release is now regulated.

(posted about 8 years ago)


New feature: Projects

Please note that we have opened a new YHRD section called “projects”. Herewith we want to encourage colleagues of the YHRD network to contribute to scientific endeavors outlined here. Large collaborative projects - as the PPY23 or the RM-YSTR study both with more than 100 coauthors - proved that this is an efficient way to cooperate and achieve meaningful results.

(posted over 8 years ago)


AMOVA Tool bug fix

We fixed a bug in our AMOVA Tool that prevented a successful calculation of FST values. RST calculation was not affected.

(posted over 8 years ago)


Release 51

Happy New Year 2016! We started with an eagerly awaited new release. Exactly 6364 haplotypes were added to the YHRD reference database. The overall number of validated population studies finally breaks the 1000-mark (1015). Enjoy.

(posted over 8 years ago)


bug fix

Unfortunately we introduced a undetected bug within our last software update (December 7th). Under some circumstances the requested Metapopulation and National Database was mistakenly assumed to be empty when there was no match found. This behavior is unintended and was corrected by now. (Thanks Tom and Peter)

(posted over 8 years ago)

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